ACS Career Fair Agenda and Activities

On-Site & Virtual Career Fair

As an onsite job seeker, you have three full days to network, interview, explore career pathways, and build our professional skills.

The Virtual Career Fair, as some employers will only interview and meet with candidates via their virtual booths. You can use your own computer. Find out more

ACS Career Workshops

Available at all ACS Career Fairs, career workshops are designed to help you build your job search skills. The new Career Fair Pathways workshops also offer valuable information to help you choose a career that suits your talents and ambitions.  Find out more.

On-Site Technical Training

American Chemical Society will be holding Short Courses in Boston, MA, August 14 – 16, 2015 to help you gain invaluable training in just a few days. Learn about a subject in analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry and much more!  Find out more

Personal Career Consulting

ACS Career Consultants are also available at the national meeting Career Fair and regional meetings, where you can sign up for face-to-face consultations including:

  • 30-minute resume review sessions to critique your resume and discuss other career questions you might have.
  • 30 minute mock interview sessions, including a 10-minute taping of a practice interview, followed by a feedback conversation. And you take away a DVD of your interview.

Find out more

*This is a free and confidential member-only service.