ACS Onsite Career Fair for Job Seekers

San Diego National Meeting

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March 13-15, 2016
San Diego, CA

Program Theme: Computers in Chemistry
Concurrent with the ACS National Meeting

Hours - subject to change (EasternTime):
Sunday, March 13: 9:00 AM -  4:30 PM
Monday, March 14: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday, March 15: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

(All interviews will be held at the San Diego Convention Center )

(ACS membership required)

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As an onsite job seeker, you have three full days to network, interview, explore career pathways, and build our professional skills.  In addition to all the onsite activities, we encourage you to participate in the Virtual Career Fair, as some employers will only interview and meet with candidates via their virtual booths.  You can use your own computer, or we'll have workstations available for onsite job seekers so you can participate in all the Virtual Career Fair activities.

Learn More about the ACS Career Fair:

Opportunities at the ACS Career Fair

ACS Careers Jobs Database: Begin searching he ACS Careers Jobs Database for open positions immediately after you've registered to contact employers who will be at the ACS Career Fair. Employers exhibiting at the Onsite Career Fair will be designated with an orange C; employers with virtual booths will be designated with an orange V. Learn more.

ACS Career Pathways: Discover the career path that best matches your talents, goals, and personality with this new innovative program.

Onsite Interviews: Showcase your skills to the company representatives looking to hire everyone from recent grads to seasoned professionals in all areas of the chemical sciences and its related disciplines.

Recruiters Row: Stroll Recruiters Row and network with prospective employers - you don't need an interview appointment to talk to employers in Recruiters Row. 

Resume Building: Create the most compelling resume possible, one that makes your talent and achievements pop.

One-on-One Career Consults: meet with ACS Career Consultants to address your specific job and career concerns, from developing a better resume to unearthing hidden job opportunities. Learn more.

Interview Skills: Practice and perfect your interviewing skills with the aid of expert feedback.

Career Pathways: ACS Career Pathways™ is a carefully researched and designed program that helps you find a career pathway and a job in the chemical sciences that’s right for you. This proprietary program was custom developed by ACS in collaboration with career experts in the chemical sciences. Moreover, it is delivered exclusively by certified ACS career consultants for the benefit of ACS members only Choose from among the many career workshops that can help you with everything from writing a great proposal to optimizing your job search.

Please Note: ACS cannot guarantee that you will secure interviews at the ACS Career Fair, as it is contingent on the available open positions and the credentials that employers are seeking.  All the attendees, however will be able to fully participate in the networking forums, career workshops, speaker events, and one-on-one career consulting.